We received Winnie in perfect condition. She was exactly as we had seen in the photos and her temperament was so sweet
and gentle. It was love at first sight!

The buying process was very straightforward and easy. Tom & Machele were very informative and responded very quickly to
any inquiries. We loved receiving photos so we could watch her grow from week to week!

Tom & Machele were easy to contact & extremely helpful. All of our questions were answered quickly and we were
encouraged to ask away. We could tell immediately that Winnie was extremely well taken care of and have already decided
that when we are ready for another Frenchie, we will be purchasing through Whiskey Creek again!

Andy & Amanda
South Carolina
I was overjoyed with Howard. He was a Christmas gift last (many) year and my family picked him out. I'm extremely picky
and he was everything I hoped he would be. It helped that he was already used to being in a crate a little bit. When I took
him to my Vet for the first time, she said he was a great puppy and everything checked out great. He thankfully has not had
any health troubles associated with Frenchies.

As mentioned before, my family picked Howard out for me, so they handled the deposit. I payed for the rest when I picked
him up and it was very easy. No hassles at all. Also, Whiskey Creek was very informative on new puppy care when I was
there to pick him up.

I really enjoyed working with Whiskey Creek when I purchased  Howard. My family said the same thing. They were helpful
and we could tell that they really cared about their dogs and that it's not a puppy mill situation. Howard is and absolute joy
and I am so thankful for Whiskey Creek. It's also nice that we come from the same hometown and I can bring Howard by for
visits when I'm down! I have also felt that I could call or email them anytime with questions and never feel like I was
burdening them.
Past Puppies
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We got our Ozzy from here, and for our first puppy purchase, it was a breeze. He's been a wonderful addition to the family.
He's got the biggest personality. The Korhns are awesome people and I would definitely recommend them!