Whiskey Creek's
Jukin Jazzy Jane
Jazzy is our little plump girl.  She is a sweet little dog.  She is always looking for a toy or something to pick
up so that the other girls will chase her.  She is a little prankster.
Whiskey Creek's
Daisy Mae
Daisy is a little ball of energy.  She likes to grab toys and have the other dogs chase her too.  She loves to
have her belly rubbed.   She is a beautiful girl!
Whiskey Creek's
Sheriff Gunny
Male cream Frenchie Gunny at 8 weeks. He is so little & cute!!
Gunny as a puppy.  Perfect example of a
French Bulldog.
Gunny all grown up.
Stocky build and a large head.  He is a ball of fire.  He only knows one speed and that is full speed.  He
is the friendliest little guy.  Really sweet disposition.  
Cream colored French Bulldog Gunny as an adult. All grown up and very handsome.
Frenchie Leonidas at 3 months in New York City. He's lying down under a chair looking bored.
4 month old Frenchie Shiner. She is all white except for black around her left eye. She is standing there looking overhead at some birds.
6 week old French Bulldog pup Mouse with white bat ears and black around both eyes.
Whiskey Creek's
Gigit Wigit
Gigit is our newest addition. She is 17 months old. She is very loving & really curious.  She likes to leave
her tongue hanging out so she looks like a nut!
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Gunny is a great stud.  His stud service fee is between $1,000.00 to
$1,500.00.  He throws beautiful puppies.