Whiskey Creek's
Daisy Mae
Daisy is a little ball of energy. She is Porkchop's Mom.
She is retired now.
Whiskey Creek's
Sheriff Gunny
Whiskey Creek's
Little Lily Pad
Lily is our little cream girl. She is so very lovable. She's
always ready with a kiss for everyone! Her favorite toy is her
ball. She takes it every where!
Our Moms & Pops
Our Moms
Our Pop

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Whiskey Creek's
Cocoa Puff
Cocoa is our little nut ball! She is just full of energy and fun!
She loves all babies. She's our little smiling girl.
Whiskey Creek's
Porkchop is our newest stud. He is a perfect little French
Bulldog. He's even better looking than Gunny! His parents are
Gunny and Daisy. Both are pictured below.
Porkchop as a puppy. He
looks just like his Dad,
Porkchop as an adult. He is a great example of the
standard for a French Buloldog. He's stout, square, with a
flat face and beautiful smile!
Gunny is Porkchop's Dad. He has been our stud
for years. He is now retired and loves to take
naps on his bed! He just turned 10 years old.
This is Gunny as a puppy.
Porkchop looks just like him.
Porkchop's Parents
Porkchop's Dad